Newlyweds with a new blog!

Nicole here!

Today marks the beginning of the adventures of Nic & Nate, newly married and newly blogging! We’ll share the ups, downs and sideways happenings in our world with a healthy dose of our signature quirky humor and sarcasm.

Let’s start with how Nic & Nate came to be, which requires a rewind to 2006 and some orange hair streaks (on Nathan’s part). It started in college, during an obscenely early morning class. I’d like to thank Design History for allowing Nathan’s mind to wander in boredom and then find amusement in kicking the back of my chair and stealing my pens (although I didn’t find it so endearing at the time). Without such a dry curriculum, we might never have met! He was tall and handsome with rock star hair. I was cute and blonde and had recently sworn off dating. We chatted about mundane things like the weather and “them Oilers”; anything to keep our minds off of that chair that some old man designed in the 1950’s worth thousands of dollars. Neither of us had the courage to ask the other out on a date.

One evening with a girlfriend on Whyte Avenue, I ran into Nathan while walking back to my girlfriend’s car. I may or may not have been aided by some liquid courage, but I walked away from that happenstance with a phone number on my arm and a foolish grin on my face. A string of casual dates at cafes and movie theaters turned into a realization a few months down the line that we must be “dating”.

Now, 6 years later, we are married! How is it that as soon as you swear off of dating the planets align precisely and angels sing deafeningly and pigs fly gracefully and you meet “the one”? I definitely wasn’t looking for that in college at the naive young age of 19, but it happened and here we are!

We’re looking forward to sharing bits of ourselves with all of you, although that sounds creepy in a cannibalism sort of way.

xo’s Nicole

// photo by the lovely and talented ladies of Diamond Cake Photography

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  • Reply Linda Winski October 28, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you my dear! I am so thankful for your sharing your story and want to say that you have a beautiful way of writing. It is engaging, colorful and full of personality which makes for great reading. Hope you are also recording this somewhere in ‘hard copy’ so that when the internet explodes and blogs all evaporate…. your story will remain intact. Love L

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