Slowly back to normal, whatever “normal” is!

There is something so freeing about taking a bunch of old junk to Goodwill. It makes me illogically happy to know that what I don’t want cluttering up my home anymore has a chance to make someone else illogically happy while cluttering up their home! Today we filled the entire back of the Infiniti with bags of old clothes, random one-off dishes that we’ve replaced with MATCHING wedding dish sets, glassware I have held on to for years but never used, vases that came with the flowers from the flower store¬†whose only purpose was to hoard precious condo cupboard space (they are ALWAYS an awkward size!), old candle holders and bad books that I’ll never read again and hauled it all over to Goodwill. As I dropped off the last bag of stuff I felt lighter for some reason. This might have to do with the fact that Goodwill Stuff Mountain had been steadily growing at the end of the bed for months now, irking me to no end as it was the last thing that I saw at night before going to sleep.

In celebration of completing the last step of returning the condo back to pre-wedding madness state, we marched into Home Sense with bridal shower gift card in hand and proceeded to fill the entire back of the Infiniti with new bedding. YAY! We scored a fluffy KING SIZE duvet since Nathan is King of the Blanket Hogs, a charcoal and white striped duvet cover, a mint green polka dot Kate Spade sheet set, a light grey sheet set (apparently real adults have two sets of sheets so they don’t have to wash and dry their sheets frantically all in one day like I’ve been doing for the past…forever) and two new king size pillows for pre-bedtime reading! So. Flipping. Excited. This girl loves her bedding, and don’t even get me started on pillows. Truth be told all I really want to do is crawl under the covers (even though it’s only 6pm), crack open my new Game of Thrones book and take periodic breaks to stare happily at the bare carpet at the end of the bed that is no longer being obstructed from view by Goodwill Stuff Mountain!

Here’s to new bedding and new beginnings for the someone else that has taken home my pile of crap!

// photo by Nicole using iPhone 4

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