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It’s September 18th today, which means that I’ve been a wife for an entire month already! How is it that the time has passed so quickly this year? I feel very much like a grown up now, with a mortgage, a new vehicle with working windows/air conditioning/heated seats/sunroof, a niece (and goddaughter) and most of all a husband! I’m still getting used to the words “husband” and “wife” being used almost daily in my vocabulary (we’re overusing them because it’s all so new and exciting, but I’m sure they’ll get old any day now!), and the new last name is Facebook official but definitely not legal official yet. It’s quite an involved task to change your name and I’ll be glad when it’s over and I’ll be Mrs. Nicole Winski!

Thinking back to the big day that we spent a solid year preparing for (yes, we were only engaged for 9 months, but I had picked out and purchased my dress and the venue 3 months before the ring!), I am still in awe at the amount of love that surrounded us the entire weekend of the wedding. There is no way that our wedding day would have so perfect if it wasn’t for the tremendous help that we received from our bridal party, our family and even out of town guests that arrived a few days early!

The moment that I’ll forever cherish is most definitely when I spent a few minutes with my new husband sitting on a balcony overlooking all of our loved ones dancing and laughing outside underneath the string lights and the stars, in celebration of us. There are no words to describe how strongly this moment touched my heart.

To my soulmate, Nathan – we’ve made it through one month already; this whole marriage thing isn’t so tough! To my family, friends and the best bridal party ever – I thank you with every fiber of my being for helping us pull off what I think was the most amazing and memorable wedding EVER!

// all photos by the very talented ladies over at Diamond Cake Photography

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