Date Night!


Husbie and I went on an impromptu date night last night, which was technically the first date night we’ve been on since we’ve been married! After work we headed to Joeys in SEC for some drinks and dinner on the patio. Being able to sit outside to enjoy dinner at the end of September doesn’t seem normal for Edmonton, but we enjoyed every moment of soaking up the sun while planning our next adventure. I think our trip to New York resulted in the travel bug biting me! We’ve got some plans for our next few trips, involving a trip to Calgary to visit the zoo and do some shopping at Cross Iron Mills, a trip to the mountains to hike and see waterfalls and enjoy nature and our very first all inclusive trip somewhere warm once that fluffy white stuff hits the ground (I refuse to say it’s name for fear that it’ll curse this beautiful weather we’re having). Of course I could add a whirlwind weekend in Vegas and a weekend in the Drumheller badlands to the list, but we’ve got our whole lives to travel!

After dinner we dropped the car off at home and walked over to the VIP theater to see Looper. This was Nathan’s first VIP theater experience, and I’m guessing that the luxury of drinking a beer in comfy seats while watching a movie on the big screen won’t wear off anytime soon! For the number of times that we actually see a movie in the theaters, I think this is the way to go from now on. Looper was really good! I was entertained the whole time and never found myself questioning the reality of the situation, which is a good sign for a movie about time travel. I’d recommend it, and so does Rotten Tomatoes.
//photos by me and Husbie using iPhone 4 and Instagram (@nicwinski)

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