It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! Thanksgiving means that it’s time to put on my stretchy pants and stuff my face full of delicious home cooked food while enjoying the company of loved ones. Thanksgiving also means reflecting on the past year and what I am thankful for. So here it goes!

My husband

For the better part of the year we were busy planning, dreaming, crafting, organizing, scheming, sketching and designing the most important day of our lives to date. We got married in August and I am so grateful that God blessed me with this amazing man that I get to spend the rest of my life with! He puts up with my crazies, he makes me laugh, he pushes me to be better and he spoils me rotten. Here’s to becoming a newlywed and loving every moment so far.

My Family

Getting married means a coming together of two families. I’m so thankful for the time that we’ve spent with both my family and Husbie’s family, making memories and accomplishing things and telling jokes and sharing stories and going on trips and lazing around in afternoon sun. This year was full of wedding craft dates for the ladies and afternoons at the golf course for the gentlemen. This summer my beautiful niece Mina arrived – what a blessing and a constant source of joy and entertainment! Here’s to strong family ties and new arrivals and above all, love.

My friends

Having what I am biased to think was the best wedding party ever, I am amazed by all the love and support that poured out of our closest friends throughout the year. We depended heavily on our closest friends to distract us from wedding madness and keep us sane, we reconnected with old friends along the way and we’re making new friends as a result. I am thankful that we’ve both grown up with people that have remained an important part of our lives and that they will continue to be for a long time to come. Here’s to late nights, long conversations and laughter with the people most important to us.

My job

I’m forever reminded of how lucky I am to be working where I am with my Husbie too, doing what I love to do and making people happy as a result. Who else can say that they work in an environment that encourages frequent foosball games, paper airplane races, sunshine breaks, Margaritaville Fridays, morning meetings in the park, lunchtime movies and creative collaboration? In what other field of work would I get to create, inspire, communicate, sketch, transform, design, ideate, compel, imform and captivate for a variety of different clients on any given day? Here’s to being members of a wonderful work family and being privileged enough to love what I do.

My honeymoon

Traveling to a new place with my Husbie for our honeymoon opened my eyes to the fact that although I am less fond of the means necessary of getting to new places, I love the experiences and memories that I collect while I’m there. I’ve since come down with a case of wanderlust, and we are already making a quite lengthy list of all the wonderful places we’d love to visit. Here’s to a trip that made me want to see more of the world and fill our home with memories rather than things.

The little things in between

Life is often in the little details and the fleeting moments. I am constantly reminded by the smallest things that we’ve got it pretty good. Here’s to tea parties, the courage of friends to follow their dreams, heated seats, northern lights, baby smiles, good food, warm sunshine, afternoon strolls, Diego kisses, new beginnings, out of town family visits, ice cream machines, warm slippers, holding hands, tokens of love, text messages from Holland, floral pants, short hair, uplifting music, a good book, red wine, watching the stars, hard satisfying work, smiling at strangers, creative inspiration and a multitude of other things!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

//image found on Etsy by STREUBY.

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