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Heart Friends

This weekend I finally had my stagette! You might think “Wait a minute, she’s already married!” It’s true, I’ve been married for two months now. Long story short, the first stagette which was scheduled for August 4 was cancelled due to a round of kidney stones so we had to postpone it (sad face). Fast forward to this past Saturday, and I realized how lucky I am (again) to have picked the particular ladies that I did to be in my bridal party.

J came to pick me up around 2pm, and then we were off to meet A & H at West Edmonton Mall. We proceeded into Anthropologie (swoon), where I was informed that a Personal Stylist had filled a large change room full of hand picked outfits for me to try on! We were ushered to the room and then J proceeded to pull champagne and flutes out of a bag, and H made some cupcakes magically appear! I was given a gift card to spend on whatever my heart desired. Since Anthro is usually (way) out of my budget, this was a most exciting and memorable gift, as the only purchases I’ve made in this store up until this point have been either from the sale racks or home goods section. I came home with two dresses and two necklaces, and I’m sure they’ll become cherished pieces as I love them to bits already!

The fun continued at Eveline Charles where I was able to cross off half of an item from my 30 before 30 list. That’s right, I enjoyed my first official manicure! J was excited because the appointment had been made long before the 30 before 30 list came to be, so it was perfect. I chose Coral Reef to match my new dress, and off we went for a night of fun!

Thank you to my lovely ladies for being what I’ve deemed “heart friends” – you’ll be forever near and dear to my heart and I love you!

You can find the dress on the left here, the matching necklace here, the dress on the right here, and the collar necklace here! The nail color is Coral Reef by Eveline Charles.

// all images taken with iPhone 4 using Instagram.

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