Why Halloween Rocks

This year I almost decided to be lame and sit at home on the couch instead of dressing up, going out and enjoying the fine company of Husbie, my best friend J and her man, D. When in doubt, go out with your friends. You may regret it the next day when you’re too hungover to move your head off the couch pillow, but you’ll have more fun and the memories. OH THE MEMORIES!

As for the costumes – Husbie and I are obsessed with a little show called Community, and last year Husbie decided to buy himself a one piece silver suit and go as the Greendale Human Being. Unfortunately, due to an ill timed bout of the flu Husbie only ended up wearing his costume last year for a few hours before having to retire to the couch in misery so this year he wanted to give the costume another go. I went as a Flapper last year, but heaven forbid I wear the same costume two years in a row!

In order to find something new I wandered around a Halloween store on Friday night after work in order to get a costume for Saturday’s party (procrastinate much?) and was dismayed at how the trend for women’s costumes now and forever will always be “sexy” versions of any and all stereotypes. Sexy doctors, sexy pirates, sexy zombies…anything becomes Halloween appropriate with a short skirt and ample cleavage. Not for me! I picked up a kit with a black fedora, a black wig, some aviators and a single sequined glove. A terribly stiff “leather” jacket from Goodwill for $8 completed the look. Any guesses? I went as Britta from Community, dressed as Michael Jackson in this episode. DOUBLE COSTUME FOR THE WIN! Although my wig looked more like a ‘fro, which made me look like I was trying to be a cross between Michael and something else.

Here’s us as the Community couples costume:

Then J & D showed up at our house for a shared cab ride to the house party and blew our costumes right out of the water. Dia de los muertos totally kicked Community’s rear end. So. Flipping. Impressed. I love being surrounded by such creative people!

We took a cab over to the party and were greeted at the front door with a recreation of Dexter’s kill room. So cool. The rest of the house was equally decorated with eerie lighting and fog (although that was quickly kiboshed due to temperamental fire alarms). Gotta love going all out! We had food, we drank Pimm’s (curse you and your delicious alcohol-less flavor Pimm’s), we played Sociables and had a great time! All in all a stellar night out with friends having random dance parties in the kitchen to a killer playlist. We were in great company with some zombies, a pilot and a mermaid, some more zombies, some fairies, a devil, Wayne and Garth and some other random evil looking people.

Also, the box of Halloween candy that I bought even though we live in a condo and never get any children knocking on our door has been devoured. I told myself we’d share with friends when they came over but now all I can see in the garbage are mini chocolate bar wrappers and I feel shame. But not really because chocolate is so gooooood. Except for the Smarties, who ever eats the Smarties?

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