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From the weekend: Nerds and Kitchenaid Cookies

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday night was a quiet night in for me while Husbie went with a friend to see the Mad Bomber’s Society perform at the Pawn Shop on Whyte Avenue. On Saturday morning Husbie and I did a little shopping at Pottery Barn and picked up some glittery letter N ornaments for the Christmas tree, which I ALMOST set up and then decided I’m not THAT crazy! I think the Christmas spirit is hitting me extra hard this year because I didn’t decorate our condo at all last year due to lack of space. This year we are putting up a tree no matter what, even if the only place to put it is smack dab in front of the door to the balcony. Who needs access to the balcony in the winter anyways? I’d rather stare at a fully decorated twinkling Christmas tree! Anyone else with me?

On Saturday we also went into the new Williams Sonoma store, where the vintage typography on some packaging caught my eye. It was so lovely I had to snap a few pics. It’s crazy how instantaneous the flip is from Halloween merchandise to Christmas merchandise in stores here, although I’m sure it’s like that everywhere. We also went and helped my MIL pick up an iPhone before having a delicious dinner at her place.

Saturday night we attended a nerd-themed birthday party for the lovely H who posed nerdy style for me (love you girl, happy birthday!). There were bow ties and suspenders and white-taped glasses galore. I wore my chambray top with plaid elbow patches from Simon’s, my new favorite store in WEM.

Sunday morning I used our newest family member – Kitchenaid mixer – for the first time to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and just stood there mesmerized watching the mixer do it’s thing. Now I’m wondering how I ever baked anything without one before! My new mixer needs a name and I feel like she’s a she, but a strong she like the woman on those “We Can Do It!” propaganda posters. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe I should just name her Geraldine.

I brought the cookies to my parent’s house on Sunday where they were inhaled by the family as we relaxed all day and watched movies! All in all, a great weekend.

//all photos taken with my iPhone 4 and processed with Instagram (@nicwinski)

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