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From the weekend: Christmas Decorating and Foooood

This weekend was busy and productive! Husbie was on photo shoot overdrive on Friday and Saturday. Friday night he was out shooting some local AFC fights which left me with an entire evening to get my inner elf on and decorate the apartment! I turned on some Christmas tunes courtesy of a holiday playlist on Songza (best app ever) and had quite the cozy time. I also bought a carton of eggnog all for myself since Husbie doesn’t like it. I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to share…YUM! I’m talking full fat, because if you’re going to partake, might as well go all out with the calories – what’s the point of eggnog light? My yearning to get festive has been satiated…for now.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed out to Stony Plain to take some photos at a welding shop. Who knew grinding metal would make such pretty sparks? I was mesmerized! We then zipped back downtown to take photos for a realtor and stopped in at De Dutch on Jasper ave for lunch. There were no poffertjes on the menu (sad face) so I ordered a plate-sized pannekoek smothered in cheddar cheese and sweet grilled apples.

After stuffing our faces we headed back out to Stony Plain to finish up taking photos at the welding shop and then had a lovely impromptu visit and a cuppa tea with my future sister-in-law and beautiful niece!

Sunday morning we made a yummy breakfast with fried eggs, whole grain toast, REAL bacon (a rarity in our household), coconut yogurt and tea & coffee. We spent the afternoon with my family watching the grey cup and zombies and I was lucky enough to have a nap cuddle with my niece. Well she napped and I made sure to get my baby fix for the week. Two days in a row of niece snuggles! My mom made a delicious pork rouladen with baby potatoes and green beans. Weekends for me lately tend to be about great food and greater company, especially as we prepare for the holiday season. Life is good!

//all photos using iPhone4, some using Instagram (@nicwinski)

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