Life Through Instagram: November


It’s December already – where has this year gone? Looking back on my Instagram photos from November, I realized what a busy month it was, and how many fun things happened! Here’s a sneak peek of my life last month.

  1. We received a KitchenAid mixer as a wedding gift and I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! We’ve since used the mixer to grind our own meat and make pizza dough also. LOVE IT!
  2. A big blizzard hit Edmonton at the beginning of November and the snow has stayed for good this season. I turned our balcony Christmas lights on as the first small step towards Christmas-ifying the condo!
  3. We finally finished making thank you cards with our vintage typewriter and sent them to our wedding guests. YAY!
  4. A sweet handwritten note from my Grandmother that I discovered while going through the cards we received from people at the wedding.
  5. All ready to go for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!
  6. Floor seats for the Red Hot Chili Peppers – what a great concert!
  7. Full blown Christmas decorations the second last weekend in November.
  8. Our view (Husbie, bestie J and I) from the nosebleed seats at the SIR Paul McCartney concert! What an amazing opportunity!
  9. Oma and my sweet niece in her snuggly bunny toque and hand-knitted sweater from my Grandmother.

//all photos taken with my iPhone 4 using Instagram

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