From the weekend: Royal Bison and Vocal Alchemy


So because of last Monday’s November Instagram roundup I missed a weekend recap, so here are two weekend recaps in a row, you lucky ducks!

Last weekend we spent Friday night at home with the Atari playing old games (you can pick one up at Urban Outfitters), and then we started watching the Battlestar Galactica series (all I want to do is say FRACK now)! I also let Husbie begin opening his Beer Advent Calendar. That’s right – one beer a day for 25 days straight! He’s been posting his ratings on I if you want to follow him (@winskill). I should win an award for best wife ever, although I can’t take credit for the idea – that belongs 100% to a co-worker of mine (thanks N!).

Saturday we spent a lovely afternoon with my MIL at the Royal Bison Craft Fair and Old Strathcona Farmers Market and I came home with some new bling courtesy of Bang Bang Bijoux (which I can’t stop wearing), a geometric poster by our good friend Jill Stanton (which I can’t stop staring at), and a few Christmas presents (which I can’t divulge)! Saturday night we played the Wii U with our friends J & D and had such a blast – that gaming system is super fun and addicting!

Sunday we lounged around all day and watched more Battlestar (FRACK), and then I went with a dear friend to a Christmas concert performed by  local choir Vocal Alchemy, which I will be joining in March! I can’t wait to get back into singing with a choir, and also to cross #2 off my 30 before 30 list. If you are able to see them perform in person, I highly recommend it; it was quite lovely and just made me want to sing!

This past Friday I had a much-needed lady date with my bestie A and we had dinner and then went to see the new Twilight movie (I couldn’t stop laughing/staring in horror at the CGI baby). We had a great time chatting and catching up – A is currently juggling being a working mom and a photographer and I have nothing but respect for her because she is so talented! Love you A!

Saturday we braved West Edmonton Mall for the last of our Christmas shopping and then we went to our work Christmas party! Lots of yummy food and a crazy game of Cranium full of inappropriate jokes made for a very entertaining evening!

Sunday we stopped by my parents house to pick up a few things and visit with my littlest brother for an hour and then we crashed my other brother and sister-in-law’s house and I hoarded snuggles with my niece like crazy. My beautiful niece is now a pro at rolling from her back to her tummy and she has mastered the jolly jumper. She is mesmerized by their pet bulldog, Lucy, and giggles hysterically when Lucy runs down the hallway after a chew toy. I can seriously never get enough of sweet little M. She has brought so much love and joy into our family and it’s hard to believe that I could be so fiercely in love with such a little person! I am so enchanted by her. What is it with babies and being so darn adorable?

//all images via Instagram (@nicwinski)

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