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Holiday Potluck Favorite: Mapled Brussel Sprouts

Even though Husbie does all of the cooking, we often disagree on the ingredients to use. Husbie usually leaves me at home when the grocery shopping happens because I will always choose flavor over cost and level of healthiness! I prefer name brand ingredients instead of no-name brands (because I’ve had far too many experiences where no-name brands don’t even come CLOSE in flavor comparison to name brands) and I will never choose an ingredient that is “low sodium” or “light” or “sugar-free”. If I were a cook (which I’m not – not even close) I’d use full strength butter and sour cream and cream cheese in everything, just like my Oma taught me!

The only time of the year that Husbie throws the health conscious rules out the window are during the holidays and this year we found a favorite new recipe. We had a family gathering that was potluck style for my family and for his so we brought a batch of delicious mapled brussel sprouts to both. I hated brussel sprouts growing up so we never ate them. What kid DOES like them? Last year I tried them again bravely when we ate at The Three Boars in the fall and was pleasantly surprised. So I went on the hunt for a recipe to try this Christmas and came across this one over on Door Sixteen. We ended up adding some pecan pieces for extra crunch.


In a single word – delicious! I’ve never liked brussel sprouts so much! They’re full of flavor (thanks to some maple syrup and brown sugar) and probably contain a ton of calories, but they were a nice treat for the holidays. Both families devoured them!

//photo by Husbie.

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