From the weekend: Home Organization and Dancing




Husbie and I accomplished a lot this weekend! We pulled every single item out of every single closet (we have five closets in our condo, two of which are walk-ins – we are LUCKY) and only put back what we really needed. We donated some clothing, old Christmas decorations and other things to Goodwill which always feels great! We also hung some new hooks for my never-ending scarf collection (I like scarves) and this led to hanging some artwork that’s been sitting around for a few months just waiting for a home. It feels like a great way to start the new year in a kind-of new home!

We’ve also got a new routine of spending Saturday mornings together doing our grocery shopping for the week, which is more fun now that we’re going to the Italian Centre for all our produce which is much less expensive than the regular grocery stores. We’ve also discovered a local butchers shop called Real Deal Meats close by which carries organic free range locally sourced meat which I am QUITE excited about! It’s a bit more expensive to buy meat from a butcher but it’s evened out with the money we’re saving on everything else at the Italian Centre.

On Saturday night we had dinner with Jenn & Danny at their house full of owls and candles and a new record player and after dinner the guys played darts and the girls played an Xbox Kinect dancing game and let me tell you – dancing games are SO FUN and can be quite a workout! I’m thinking I might need to get one for the Wii as part of my “Get Active while having fun” goal.

On Sunday we went to my parents house and hung out with the whole family. Lots of relaxing and chatting and niece snuggles…with delicious moose burgers for dinner!

//all photos from my Instagram @nwinksi – formerly @nicwinski but because of the new terms of use I deleted my old account with my trigger happy finger and regretted it when I found out I couldn’t have my old account back!

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