From the weekend: Treasure Hunting

This Friday we had a pow-wow with some friends to review the details and meal plan for our trip to Big White next weekend! Husbie starts each morning by checking out the snow report for the hill…I think he’s excited or something. Only 5 more sleeps! I’m not one for winter sports but I do love me a good hot tub and glass(es) of wine. We’re going with 6 of our friends so I’m guessing it will be a complete riot!

On Saturday morning we did our weekly grocery shopping and some tidying around the house. My MIL came over for a cup of tea and we watched Lincoln, which I realized is cast with every actor that I’ve ever known and their dog. Husbie and I kept looking at each other and naming each actor that we knew and where they came from and I swear it felt like we were doing it every 15 minutes! It was quite well done but I’ll be honest and say that I was totally confused at times because I’m not up to snuff with my political knowledge in regards to the United States and how that all works. It was hard to keep who-was-who and from what level of politics straight. I came away from this film with the knowledge that good ol’ Honest Abe liked to tell stories, and Sally Fields can throw a really good hissy fit.


Saturday also happened to be Jenn & Danny’s five-year anniversary and they decided that they were going to postpone the celebration because they couldn’t think of anything awesome to do. We invited them over to watch some free UFC fights and it was Husbie’s genius idea to decorate our condo and surprise them! So I got my streamer-twisting on and put up some other quick decorations while Husbie went out and picked up a bottle of champagne and a few chocolate roses for the lovebirds. We spent the night with the fights on in the background and reminiscing about how we all met 8 years ago in college (side note: how the heck has it been 8 years already?) and how we’re bound to be lifelong friends because we can all tolerate each others quirks like nobody else. I love these two like family so to spend the night with them celebrating their five years together was really fun. We are lucky to have them!

On Sunday morning we went to Cora’s for breakfast and then Husbie and I went antique shopping for the afternoon. I am soooooo lucky to have a man who isn’t immediately bored out of his skull in an antique mall around! We were on a mission to find a chair for our front entry, a table lamp for the living room and some low-ball glasses. We came home with all 3! The chair was hiding at the back of a booth upstairs behind all the vintage toys and old video games. I spotted its sexy Danish legs peeking out from behind some other hideous chairs and had a look-over-both-shoulders-and-pray-nobody-else-is-looking-at-this-chair moment. Then I held my breath as I looked at the price tag and…nothing. It was missing! I stood guard while Husbie asked an employee to look it up, and then I eavesdropped as the employee called the owner of the booth. Did she say FIFTY DOLLARS?! It was truly an Ikea “START THE CAAAAAR. START THE CAR!” moment as I (gently) shoved that puppy in the backseat of the car and Husbie gunned it so that no one took my new baby away.


Our legs-for-days chair came home with a pair of glorious brass twins in the form of table lamps, one of whom is now living on the sideboard in the living room, and the other waiting patiently in the closet until we find it a home. The fact that I used to loathe all things brass growing up (I thought it was for old people) and love the crap out of it now does not escape me. I’m becoming my Mother. I wish my Mother had kept her brass planter with lions heads on it (they had HANDLES in their MOUTHS) because I would kill for that thing now *shakes head at self*.


As much as we scoured the antique mall for low ball glasses identical to the ones in Mad Men, we found 2 of similar shape but alas, no gold rim to make this little lady’s antique mall trifecta of perfect finds complete. Two out of three ain’t bad, and Husbie just wanted some low ball glasses so we got the plain ones. He’s the one that drinks all those fancy retro drinks like the Manhattan (which smells like paint thinner in my opinion) out of them anyhow! We brought our goodies home and I immediately put our children in their new homes…yes until I have real children I will pour all of my love and sugary baby voice all over Brass Beauty (the lamp) and the chair which has yet been named.

Then we made a pillow fort in the living room and watched four straight episodes of Homeland. Obsession much? We literally just finished the first season over the course of about 5 days. Eeps! I’m too embarrassed to say how many hours that is.

//all photos through my Instagram @nwinski

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    Speaking of vintage…we are going to New Orleans. Staying in the Roosevelt Hotel and will be drinking Sazeracs. Love following your blog.

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