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Platinum hair with pastel lilac highlights


I’ve been every shade of blonde under the sun, starting with white blonde when I was a kid. I remember watching my mom painstakingly pull the smallest threads of hair through a plastic cap covered with pinholes in order to get those perfect, carefree beachy highlights and I couldn’t wait for it to be my turn. When I was finally old enough and my hair naturally started going darker, I was finally allowed to streak my hair and realized quickly that sitting still under that cap while the dye worked its magic was like sitting in a greenhouse full of paint fumes. It was hot. It was itchy. It was smelly. But when that cap came off, I’ll be darned if I didn’t have my very own version of ‘The Rachel’, with casual highlights framing my face.

Since then I’ve tried strawberry blonde, dark blonde, light blonde, honey blonde, ashy blonde, platinum, white and even lilac for a hair competition. My hair started out long in my teenage years and progressively got shorter until one day I went pixie length and I haven’t looked back. Aside from the (extremely) painful process of growing out my hair for my wedding last year, I’ve had short short hair for the last 3-4 years.

I was smitten lately with the idea of going platinum again, but adding in some pastel streaks. I was torn between lilac, raspberry and teal. I took the plunge about a week and a half ago and I LOVE IT! The first week it was quite dark purple but it’s finally fading to a beautiful pastel purple. My love affair with color starts here! Kirsten Klontz at Mousy Browns, you are the best stylist ever!


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