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Spring Break in Big White


This year we were lucky enough to go to my family chalet in Big White twice! Once in January with our friends and then again with my family for our annual spring break trip, no less than 10 hours after we were home from our Family Day weekend in Canmore with my MIL Linda. We went for 5 days and had such a blast even though this trip was a little different as my little niece Mina was there for the first time!

Now a little back story – I don’t do sports. I tried baseball as a kid and failed hard due to fear of being hit in the face. My brothers will be quick to tell you that backyard soccer games resulted in kicked shins or crotches, due to my extreme lack of aim and aggressive nature. Backyard soccer was also the cause of what I thought was a broken ankle, but ended up being a really bad sprain and a few weeks on crutches when Husbie and I first started dating. What seemed like the genius idea of taking an “easy” badminton class in college turned into the lowest mark on my transcript (a C-…GASP!!), and also a sprained back. I don’t swim without a floatie and putting my head underwater prompts anxious thoughts about never surfacing again. I failed gymnastics because I couldn’t hang from a bar and hold my legs parallel to the floor for longer than 30 seconds. Really, it’s quite impressive how long my negative track record is with physical activity. The only thing I was minutely good at was high jump, and that was in grade 5 only when I beat the record of all the boys in my class! Thanks be to good genes and looooooong legs for at least one happy sports-related memory!

My family however, is quite athletic and most of our family holidays are centered around sports on the water or sports on a mountain. I have always had an aversion to strapping two planks to my feet and either careening across a lake or down a frigid mountain while trees jump in my way. NO THANKS. I figure its safer for everyone involved if I stay back and read a book, which I am perfectly content to do.This is why I’m surprised that number 1: my family convinced me to try skiing this year and number 2: I was actually ok at it. In fact, on my second day of skiing, I wasn’t too far behind the rest of the family, although I forced them to stay on green runs only when I was with them even though they prefer the blacks. Now I’m not pretending I was amazing at it and I’ve got some serious bruises to prove it, including one about 2 inches in diameter on my calf that’s a lovely shade of green-yellow right now, but I enjoyed myself so much that I’m thinking of buying myself a set of skis!





I went skiing for 2 half days out of the 5 days we were there so in the downtime I had lots of niece time, reading time AND my mama taught me how to knit! After some serious confusion between which stitch is a knit and a purl, and a few times of unraveling to fix the holes that somehow appeared, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve got the hang of the basic stitches. I even made a heart pattern in honor of February being love month…I’ll post about that soon I promise!

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