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I completed another 30 Before 30 goal! Husbie and I worked together to finish making our wedding and honeymoon photos into photo books, which are now sitting proudly on our coffee table. They make me smile every time I see them.





I started by doing some research online to help decide which photo book service to use. After comparing a bunch and seeing a few great blogger reviews online, I landed on Blurb. Their prices are extremely reasonable, the process of designing and ordering books was simple and I am very happy with the finished quality of our books. They also arrived only one and a half weeks after we ordered them!

Blurb offers many different ways to design a book such as an InDesign plugin, downloadable software called Booksmart, eBook design online, or you can upload a PDF of a book you’ve designed yourself to their website. I chose to use their Booksmart software which came fully loaded with a bunch of themes and page layout ideas. The program was very easy to use and allowed for easy upload to the website when the books were ready to order.







Our New York book, designed by Husbie, was around 140 pages and 12″x12″. Our wedding book, which I designed, was also around 140 pages and 8″x10″ landscape. We ordered our parents each a copy of the wedding book also. We chose to upgrade our final books to include an Image Wrap cover (a hardcover with an image printed directly onto the cover rather than having a removable dust jacket) and matte finish paper throughout the book rather than standard paper. I’m so glad we did because the books are beautiful and will last for a long time. We also took advantage of a 20% off sale so we got one copy of our wedding book for free! I find that Blurb has promotions quite frequently and lists their coupon codes on Retail Me Not which is a great website that I check before ever making an online purchase.

If you want to make your own photobook, I recommend Blurb!

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