B is for Birthdays and Beautiful Terrariums

Today is my 26th birthday! I have no crazy plans for the day because I’m heading to Calgary on Friday after work with my favorite people in the whole wide world (Husbie, my bestie, and my bestie’s boyfriend) to spend the entire weekend celebrating at the Calgary Comic Con. My bestie even bought us a photo-op with Nathan Fillion (MAJOR NERD CRUSH ALERT) on Saturday to commemorate the occasion! I can’t even begin to describe in words how exciting this is.

This past Tuesday, I came home to an early birthday surprise waiting on the counter for me. Husbie strategically leaned a notebook with the phrase “TREAT YO SELF” (from my favorite show, Parks & Recreation) up against my gift so that I couldn’t see the gift when I walked in the door. I peeked behind the notebook and squealed with glee upon seeing a beautiful glass terrarium, which I originally thought was a lantern, but became even more excited when Husbie corrected me! I am so blessed and lucky to have such a thoughtful husband.


Faceted Terrarium from Urban Outfitters

I’ve wanted a terrarium for quite some time now, but I’m intimidated by my track record of causing plants to dwindle into sad little dried up brown skeletons of their previous selves. I have a history of killing plants – I even managed to kill a cactus…A CACTUS for goodness sake! Currently the only living plants in our house are a rosemary shrub which was badly pruned and has a wicked curve to the left (oops), a white cyclamen that was given to me at my bridal shower last June that courteously droops over to alert me of its thirst so I know to water it (the only semi-successful plant that lives at our house) and a fern given to me for Christmas by my bestie that seems a bit melancholy – it may have outgrown its pot?

Nevertheless, I’m going to pour all my love into this little terrarium and whisper sweet nothings to the plants within so that they feel comfortable and safe and garner a strong will to live. Here are some images I’ve been pulling for inspiration:


Left: Modest Peach Geometric Terrarium  |  Right: Terrarium by Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely via West Elm


Left: Score & Soldier Terrarium via Wit & Whistle  |  Right: Dinosaur Terrarium via Yellow Brick Home


Air Plant Terrarium from myminiaturegarden on Etsy

I’m torn between an air plant which would require very little maintenance, or a few succulents which I have always loved but never attempted, or something mossy with a few plastic figurines for a bit of whimsy, which we all know I adore. Also, billy balls can do no wrong in my opinion – my wedding bouquet was full of them! How can you say no to such cheerful yellow buttons of joy and sunshine? I certainly can’t. The terrarium possibilities are endless! What do you think?

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