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The Condo: Living Room

Here is the living room! This is the place where we used to read, play boardgames, watch movies, entertain, eat, make pillow forts, do crafts, play video games, chat, have tea parties, watch sports and all things in between.



My favorite books are the Penguin classic hardcover series with cloth covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith, and there are many more that I need to add to my collection one day. They appeal to both the bookworm and designer in me.


The bottle above with the silver filigree on it is the champagne bottle placed by close family members in our hotel room on the night we got married! It holds a beautiful taper candle given to us by my mother-in-law from her travels to Israel. The little orange bell was gifted to us by my Bestie, from her travels to Mexico.


This chair belonged to Nathan’s grandfather. It used to be covered with orange crushed velvet, which you can see on the footstool hiding beneath the chair! We got it recovered as a 5 year anniversary gift to each other. It’s actually really comfortable! The owl perched on the chair was handcrafted for me by my Bestie.


Nathan collects vintage cameras since he is a photographer, and I displayed them under a collection of glass cloches and cake stands that we used on our wedding day.



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