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The Condo: Office

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love colour! Our office was no exception with a bright turquoise wall, cheerful art, quirky accessories and funky sofa bed. This room packed a lot of punch purpose-wise, as it is where Nathan did freelance, where I blogged, where friends stayed the night after having too much fun, where Nathan played his musical instruments and where I locked myself away for marathons of Downton Abbey (hehe).

We had quite an eclectic mix of furniture in this room, including my most favourite piece – a vintage luggage trunk passed down to me from my grandparents! This was also where I kept my collection of toys for my niece to enjoy when she came to visit.



The custom Grease album cover was a most thoughtful wedding gift from cousins that live on Vancouver Island, using one of my favourite photos from our engagement shoot at Fort Edmonton Park with Diamond Cake Photography. The “Marry Me” Scrabble tiles are the ones that Nathan used to propose to me during our tea date at Steeps! The adorable baby is my niece…she has the most beautiful blue eyes.


Nathan was in a band when we first started dating, which is part of the reason why I was attracted to him (musicians are just so darn sexy!). He is very musically talented and enjoys playing guitar, bass and most recently, he’s taken up violin.

WinskiHouse-124  WinskiHouse-125

Another thoughtful wedding gift from more cousins that live on Vancouver Island – custom Jones Soda bottles with more of our engagement photos on them! They chose lyrics to a few love songs to print on the back of the labels and coincidentally (without prior knowledge), they chose the song that my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to at our wedding for one of the bottles! Our wedding day was full of special coincidences like this one…it makes me smile.


This is one of the first photo collages that I made for us when we started dating, when we were 19. It’s so much fun to look back at old photos and see how we’ve changed.


The old luggage trunk holds a basket of photos of family, friends and our childhoods that I like to flip through now and then.


The little pot with Asian symbols on it is actually a wishing pot, in which you’re supposed to place a wish on a scrap of paper in order for it to come true! It was a gift from my MIL for my birthday a few years ago – she always finds such unique gifts. The three pewter cups belonged to my Oma and are just the right size for pens, pencils and erasers.


Nathan is also a bit of a comic book nerd, and there were little models and figures scattered throughout the office. Bonus points if you can spot them and guess who they are! EXTRA bonus points if you found the Smurfs that we had on top of our wedding cake!


Lastly, the collection of toys that I say are for my niece but really, they’re mine 🙂 The crochet Count from Sesame Street was a Capilano Farmers Market find, the blond hair belongs to a Legolas (I may be a bit of a LOTR nerd myself), and a few other stuffed animals round out the collection. We also have 3 sock monsters that we got from Belua Designs before they closed up shop for a new adventure!

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