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The Condo: Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Master Bedroom! I painted the walls a warm grey to make the room feel cozy, and kept the rest of it light and cheerful with pops of white and yellow. Nathan is terrible at painting, either very honestly or on purpose so that he doesn’t have to help me paint ever, but either way, it was a solo project which I don’t mind. I find painting very therapeutic!


I’m so proud of the curtains that I handmade with Dwell Studio fabric from Tonic Living. I used this DIY no-sew curtains tutorial from Young House Love, which is basically the best and easiest ever.


This is my vanity table, which I inherited from my Oma and kept just the way it was because I love the white legs and slightly worn wooden top. The dress form was a steal of a deal at $40 from a friend who used to work at Henry Singer. They were getting rid of their female dress forms as they no longer sell women’s clothing! The Hermes scarf on my dress form was from my TREAT YO’ SELF moment on my honeymoon in NYC.



This was our eclectic gallery wall. The gemstone print is by the lovely Jill Stanton, the pressed butterfly was from the Museum of Natural History in NYC, and the “I Love the Shit Outta You” print is by the very talented Justine Ma, and was my gift to Nathan on Valentines day. You’ll even see a print by my fave artist, Van Gogh. My mom got me this print when I was younger and I’ve loved it ever since. I got to see the real Starry Night at the MoMA in NYC also!

WinskiHouse-76 WinskiHouse-80

My mom snagged me this vintage WORKING turquoise typewriter from Goodwill for $3.99. No joke. That woman is the queen of thrift shopping and has passed her love of the hunt on to me! I also had a million books by my side of the bed because I’m always reading, and a bunch of jewelry hanging on hooks and on bottles and in bowls for easy accessorizing in the morning. It’s rare when I’m not wearing some form of jewelry.


This chandelier was another steal of a deal for $50 at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I had always wanted a pretty light fixture and this one was absolutely perfect. We sweet talked an electrician friend of ours with a case of beer to install it for us (which we gave to him AFTER he installed the light!).


Our dresser is a hand-me-down from my MIL, who painstakingly stripped it of its old paint job to restore it to its natural beauty. I’d love to dress it up with some knobs from Anthropologie one day. On top of it sat Nathan’s man boxes full of watches and other manly things, along with a vintage fan that I picked up at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall, and one of the wooden directional signs that I painted and made with my mama for our wedding.


A piece of glass sits on top of the dresser, and I put a few of the cards from the Eames House of Cards set underneath it for some graphical fun.


Under the dresser sat a pair of wooden Dutch clogs (which Nathan wore in a few of our wedding photos), along with a stack of comic books at all times.


Here’s a little sneak peek into our master bathroom, where we continued the gray and black and white theme with a Barbershop shower curtain from Izola, yellow hand towels from Anthropologie and other thrifted containers to hold all of our bathroom goodies like cotton balls, q-tips and mouthwash.


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