Whimsical Christmas Gift Wrap DIY

Whimsical Christmas Wrapping from Dutchie Love

For the first time in a long time, Nathan and I finished most of our Christmas shopping fairly early this year! I was ready to set up and decorate our Christmas tree come end of November, but Nathan’s birthday is in early December and he politely requested that we wait to set up the tree until afterwards, so I honoured his wishes (though it was hard to resist!). In the meantime, I had some serious fun with our gift wrap this year. I mixed and matched two different styles of gift wrap, so stay tuned for the second gift wrap style. For all you procrastinators, this is a fun little DIY with some seriously cute vibes and whimsical appeal that doesn’t take too long to execute…give it a try!

Whimsical Christmas Gift Wrap DIY | Dutchie Love

I bought the fun and graphic stripe and polka dot kraft gift wrap paper from IKEA earlier this year, and some red pompoms, white gift tags, and ivory jute polka dot ribbon from Michaels Craft Store. For the small branches, I clipped a few off of a shrub in my backyard! I also dusted off the ol’ glue gun and took it for a spin.

I hot glued pompoms on to the branches to look like winter berries, which pop quite nicely off of the neutral kraft and black patterned gift wrap paper. 

Whimsical Christmas Gift Wrap DIY | Dutchie Love

This gift wrap just makes me smile! I love how playful it is. Plus, you can always keep the branches with pompoms in a little vase after the fact for a pop of cheer on a bookshelf.

Whimsical Christmas Gift Wrap DIY | Dutchie Love

Here they are, tucked under our tree! For the last four or five years I’ve done a turquoise and bronze tree, but this year I mixed it up and went with traditional red and silver with a few neutral birch pinwheels for a Scandinavian flair. The gift wrap really compliments our tree and I’m so pleased with how it looks. It will be a shame to give all the gifts away and have a bare tree! Nathan and I bought ourselves something rather special that doesn’t come in a box for Christmas, so come Christmas morning there will not be a single gift under the tree. More to come on our Christmas surprise!

Are you done all ready for Christmas with gifts wrapped and under the tree, or are you a procrastinator that hasn’t even started shopping? There never seems to be an in-between, does there? 

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