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3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Tulle Midi Skirt in Winter

Tulle Midi Skirt | Dutchie Love

It was love at first sight. I was strolling through Simons last summer for an outfit to wear to a girlfriend’s wedding, and I stumbled upon perfection – a black tulle midi skirt. Paired with a graphic black and white crop top and chevron earrings, it was the perfect summer event outfit! Since then, I’ve worn it several times, mostly to work on any given day, and it makes me feel fun and flirty. Ever since winter hit, my tulle midi skirt has sat in my closet, lonely and waiting for the next time it can come out to play.

Winter turns me into a creature that needs to have almost every inch of skin covered. I’m talking tall socks, long pants or leggings, long sleeve shirts and cardigans with a big, billowy scarf on top. It gets pretty repetitive, and though I like to think I don’t look like a slob, I want to bring my stylish tulle midi skirt out for another spin to break up the monotony. I thought I’d share some inspiration for how to style one in the winter!

Look 1: Tulle & Leather

Tulle Midi Skirt with Leather Inspiration | Dutchie Love
I’m all for mixing a little edge into any outfit that leans more to the girly side. To balance sweet and sexy, pair your tulle midi skirt with a graphic tee, leather moto jacket, and lace up ankle boots. Since I’m up in Canada where the cold wind cuts right to the bone, I’d throw on a pair of opaque or sweater tights to keep my gams from turning into icicles.

via GlamRadar

Look 2: Tulle & Knit

Tulle Midi Skirt with Knit Inspiration | Dutchie Love
Effortlessly polished yet cozy at the same time, mixing the textures of tulle and a heavy knit creates visual interest and keeps you warm! For less bulk, tuck the front of the sweater in and let the back drape down. Since I’m definitely not brave enough to wear pumps during the winter, try this outfit with some statement flats instead.

via Atlantic-Pacific

Look 3: Tulle & Layers

Tulle Midi Skirt with Layers Inspiration | Dutchie Love
This is a perfectly lady-like combination with a crisp white button down shirt layered underneath a light long sleeve shirt with a cheeky saying on it. Paired with a swipe of brightly hued berry lipstick, this is a great option for the office. I’d wear this look with a pair of oxfords for some seriously swoon-worthy librarian inspiration.

via Meet Me in Paree

To recreate the look, check out this tulle midi skirt from Anthropologie, or this amore mesh tulle skirt from ChicWish!

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  • Reply 204park January 14, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Ahhhh I LOVE this!! Now excuse me while I go dig out my tulle from the back of my closet 😉

    • Reply Nicole @ Dutchie Love January 18, 2016 at 7:02 am

      Dig that tulle out girl! Let’s show winter who’s boss! (Except maybe next week because it’s COLD out there right now!!)

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