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Pattern Love: Agate and Marble

Agate Marble Bathroom Wall | DutchieLove

I don’t know if I’m late to this party, but I’ve seen a lot of agate and marble pattern inspiration floating around lately and I wanted to collect some of my favourites to share with you! I was doing some research for a graphic design project at work a few weeks ago and found inspiration in the rich colours and graphic lines seen in close up images of agate and marble.

Naturally my brain turned to interiors and I found a ton of gorgeous images featuring agate. Used in small doses, agate brings warmth and visual interest to a space when the rest of the elements remain streamlined.

AgateMarble | DutchieLove
image via Pinterest

I’m loving the mix of black and white agate in a small bathroom, mixed with warm wood and brass accents. The black and white checkerboard floor was a bold choice, but I’m loving it! This is a really fun idea for a powder room with big impact. 

Agate Marble Bathroom | Dutchie Love
image via House Beautiful

Malachite is two of my loves joined in one – agate and emerald green! It’s deep, rich, and ever so decadent. I see this being a really fun DIY with emerald green paint and some cardboard pieces with ridges cut into the edges, pulled through fresh paint to create the lines and swirls inspired by malachite.

Agate Marble Malachite | DutchieLove
image via House Beautiful

This bathroom is crazy glamorous with a low contrast neutral agate and marble wall, paired with high shine gold and black fixtures and furnitures. Can we also acknowledge that crazy rough-hewn stone bathtub in the back? Whoa.

Agate Marble Neutral Wall | DuchieLoveimage via Roomable

It seems like Lonny Magazine started it all with their feature on this bathroom a few years ago. I love the tiled agate effect, which would be really easy to do using smaller panels of wallpaper pieced together on a larger wall. So very Venetian!

Agate Marble Lonny | DutchieLove
image via Paper Mojo

If you love agate but you’re not ready to commit to an entire wall of the pattern (like me), there are easy ways to bring it into your home in small doses. Anthropologie sells a set of beautiful gemstone coasters that I use on our vintage teak surfboard coffee table in the living room. They bring a bit of sparkle and elegance to a tabletop that I love so much.

Agate Marble Anthropologie | DutchieLove
image via Anthropologie

For a hit of agate on your couch, try a patterned pillow from one of my favourite Canadian sources for fabric, pillows and drapery, Tonic Living. This beautiful throw pillow has been on my wish list for a long time, with its gorgeous neutral agate pattern and brass exposed zipper. 

Agate Marble Pillow Tonic Living | DutchieLove
image via Tonic Living

For a bit of agate on your walls, try hitting up an online artwork source like Society 6, which offers a vast number of options from neutral to neon, to compliment your space and bring some texture and pattern to your next gallery wall.

Agate Marble Artwork Society 6 | DutchieLove
image via Society 6

What do you think? In love with agate? Anything that comes from natural gemstones is a win in my books. This girl loves her sparkle!

Header image via Brit + Co

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