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Vancouver Island: Tofino and Ucluelet

Tofino Chesterman Beach | Dutchie Love

After stops in Big White and Cathedral Grove on our Vancouver Island road trip, we followed the map to Tofino and Ucluelet. How does one begin to describe Tofino? As a genuine prarie gal, being near the ocean always resonates deeply with me since I don’t see it often, but something about Tofino was different. […]

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Food & Drink

Cacao Truffles

Valentines Day Cacao Truffles | Dutchie Love

Just in time for Valentine’s day, here’s a little recipe for cacao truffles that are raw, gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free! Did I mention that they are also delicious? The ever so talented Dr. Candace Haarsma, naturopathic doctor extraordinaire (also my cousin, one of my bridesmaids, and […]

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Style & Beauty

Fashion Inspiration: Classic Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love

I don’t know what it is, but a classic shirt dress creates this instantly polished and put together look, despite being the simplest piece of clothing ever! Really, there is little to no thought needed to put one on in the morning and walk out the door. Perhaps that’s why I love them […]

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Style & Beauty

Hair Goals: Emma Stone’s Copper Bob

Copper Bob Emma Stone | Dutchie Love

It’s been at least 5 months since I dyed my hair bright copper, and I’m still in love! You know me though…always looking to the next thing. This time around I’m committed to growing out my pixie cut to a copper bob, and I’m looking straight at Emma Stone for […]

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Life with a new puppy: Freyja at 8-9 weeks

New Puppy Freyja The Daniff | Dutchie Love

In case you don’t follow my Instagram or Twitter accounts, our beautiful new puppy came home last Saturday! Freyja (pronounced Fray-ah…Nathan threw a silent J in there just so all the other dogs would tease her when she’s older. KIDDING. It’s the traditional spelling!) is our 9 week old bundle of fur. She’s a […]

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