What I’m listening to: Tegan and Sara

So I’ve loved Tegan and Sara for the longest time, but when their new single “Closer” was released I wasn’t initially sure how I felt about it. It seemed like a slightly more mainstream and trendy sound than I was used to coming from them – until I thought about their collaboration with Tiesto. Seems they’ve been heading in a more electro direction for a while! I gave their newest album “Heartthrobs” a full listen twice in a row and I’m loving it! I’ve already got my tickets for their show here in Edmonton on March 3 and I can’t wait.

What I love about them most is that they are so personable and engaging. Their concerts are by far my favorite because they often share anecdotes with the crowd during their performance, and they seem so down to earth! Alongside this new album they’ve released a series of interviews discussing the topic of heartthrobs with familiar faces – here’s one of my favorites with Andy Samberg.

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