Introducing Hodor (a.k.a. Horse), the English Mastiff!

english mastiff and english bulldog

english mastiff and english bulldog

My parents brought their puppy home a few weekends ago…allow me to introduce Hodor (Game of Thrones fans, you know where it’s at)! Hodor is an apricot brindle English Mastiff, he’s only 8 weeks old, and he’s already almost as big as my brother’s 3-year-old English Bulldog, Lucy! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the breed, Hodor will grow to be about waist-high and 250 lbs of solid dog. His nickname is Horse.

Technically, an English Mastiff is an apartment dog even though they’re an extra-large dog breed. They’re not allowed to run or jump while they’re growing because it’s hard on their joints. They’re prone to napping and drooling, and they’re really just over-sized teddy bears! They’re usually indoor dogs and they’ll take over the couch if you let them. My parents live on an acreage so Hodor will probably be a little bit of an outside dog with indoor privileges, although my Dad is a softie and may just end up letting him stay indoors year round!

adult english mastiffs

When we went to pick Hodor up from the breeder we met Hodor’s parents along with a few other full-grown Mastiffs, and although they can be intimidating to look at they are SO gentle and sweet. Hodor’s mom Azura is top left, and Hodor’s dad Bosco is in both right hand side pictures. Azura gave Hodor his beautiful coat, and Bosco was MASSIVE! Hodor will end up around the same size, which is crazy to imagine. We keep joking about buying a saddle so my niece can ride around on him.

English Mastiffs are a smart breed and you can train them easily with Cheerios, but they also like to eat raw meat and bones which is great for a family full of hunters like mine. Hodor IS a puppy so his favorite thing to do right now is chew on anything and everything except for his toys (surprise surprise). We have to watch him just like we have to watch my niece–it’s like having two toddlers in the house!

english mastiff and kids

English Mastiff puppy

English Mastiff puppy

There is seriously nothing better than new puppy smell and cuddles. Hodor is quite hilarious and will run around for a half hour and then flop down abruptly wherever he feels like it (usually in the middle of the floor) for a nap. I’m already in love! It’s strange because I can look at Hodor and still miss Diego, but having a puppy around is quite the fun new adventure. It’s nice to have another furball to say hi to on weekends now 🙂

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