Our Wedding: First Look

We chose to do a first look for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason? I knew that I’d be a big ball of nerves (I was!) and that I would feel more relaxed throughout the day if I saw my soon-to-be-husbie before all the excitement began. We wanted that special moment, just the two of us. Well, our photographers and our bridal party were there too, but we hardly noticed them!







We also had our first look to make the rest of the day easy, timeline wise. We took all of our formal bridal portraits and group shots with our bridal party before the ceremony even began, so that we could head directly to the reception as soon as we said “I do!” We didn’t want our guests to have to wait for 3 hours in between our ceremony and our reception, especially because it was at the same venue.




I know that the idea of a first look is either loved or hated by brides, but I  can’t put enough votes in favor of it. I got to spend more of the day with my groom and our bridal party, relaxed and having fun. I got to let go of all the anxiety that was pent-up inside of me, which led to a tear-free ceremony! I got to enjoy seeing my groom for the first time to myself, I didn’t have to share that magic with an audience of guests, and I STILL got to feel butterflies moments before walking down the aisle. Seeing my groom earlier in the day didn’t make walking down the aisle any less special. It almost made it more special somehow. It was the perfect way to start our path towards marriage together.


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