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The Condo

When Nathan and I first bought a property together, we ended up buying a brand new condo being built on the southwest side of Edmonton, and it was basically a beige box, waiting to be decorated.











We lived in it for 4 years, slowly creating a space full of personality and warmth that really reflected who we were as a young couple, and what home felt like to us. We infused the space with colour, a mix of vintage and modern furniture, interesting artwork, and layers of textures to create a cozy space that made us happy.

We constantly had friends over for dinner and drinks, and spent many an evening on the balcony enjoying warm summer nights and clear starry skies. Since we were some of the first in our circle of friends to buy our own home, it was the natural gathering place for our friends, which I couldn’t have loved any more than I did!


Ultimately, we outgrew the space and wanted a bit more room to stretch out. In 2013 we began the house hunting process, and we moved into a duplex in 2014! We’re going through the same slow re-decoration process all over again with our new duplex, and it’s fun to take a look back at the design decisions that we made in the condo and see how many of them are the same or different, in our new place!

For a peek at our new duplex, check out the ‘before’ duplex house tour!

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