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Master Bedroom Makeover: Do I Dare?

Dutchie Love Master Bedroom

I’ve had an idea stuck in my head for the past few months involving a big, bold design choice for our master bedroom, and I can’t seem to shake it loose. This is almost a sure sign that it’s going to happen, but I just have to get Nathan on board. To help sell my case, I put my good old Photoshop skills to use and mocked up what I’m thinking.

Our walls in the master bedroom in the condo were charcoal grey, and part of me misses it so badly. A darker wall colour used in a small space just feel so cozy! Since moving into the duplex, we had the entire house painted in a neutral light grey (which looks blue at times), and I’m finally coming around to the idea of painting a few walls here and there to give the house more personality. Before I reveal my mockup, here are a few inspiration photos!

Bedroom with black wall
Bedroom with black wall and wood accents

That’s right…BLACK WALLS. Perfectly high contrast, cozy, and bold. Dare I say, just a bit sexy as well? What more could you want in a master bedroom? Some people are all about cool, calm, light and bright in their master bedroom, but after living with that for almost 2 years, I’m ready for a big change! Our master bedroom gets a lot of light so I’m not worried about it feeling too cave-like, but I’m thinking of starting with one wall, just to see how it feels. Here’s the mockup!

Dutchie Love Master Bedroom black walls mockup

Seriously! I’m already in love. But just to take it one step further, and because it’s too fun, I mocked it up with a few artwork choices for over the bed as well!

Master Bedroom Artwork Option 1: Textural Black & White Photograph

I think that one of those oversized engineer print posters would work perfectly here, with an abstract landscape poster and some geometric shapes in white on top. It’s modern, textural, and brings an organic feeling to the space.

Dutchie Love Master Bedroom with Black and White photography artwork

Master Bedroom Artwork Option 2: Custom Painted Typography canvas

A big, white canvas with a quote from a song that Nathan and I love fits perfectly in this space. It’s dreamy, sentimental, and easy to execute myself!

Dutchie Love Master Bedroom with custom typography canvas

Master Bedroom Artwork Option 3: Side by Side Silhouette Portraits

I love the idea of something more illustrative to bring some energy and personality to the space. Using silhouettes of Nathan and I and putting them over our respective sides of the bed would be quirky and again, a fun DIY project! Adding hand drawn typography to the illustrations could be a way to bring our favourite quote from Option 2 into it as well.

Dutchie Love Master Bedroom with silhouette portrait art

Master Bedroom Artwork Option 4: DIY Black & White Brushstroke Painting

This option feels a bit more ‘adult’ to me, but is still something I could DIY. I love the idea of an oversized canvas with dramatic black and white brushstrokes for a chic and classic look.

Dutchie Love Master bedroom with DIY black & white brushstroke artwork

I think I’m saying yes to black walls! Any recommendations for the perfect shade of black? What’s your vote for artwork options? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Source 1: Holiday Hampton House  ||  Source 2: Hunted Interior  ||  Artwork Option 1: Source Unknown  ||  Artwork Option 2: Designed by me!  ||  Artwork Option 3: Inspired by Joshua Noom  ||  Artwork Option 4: Hunted Interior

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