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Fashion Inspiration: Classic Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love

I don’t know what it is, but a classic shirt dress creates this instantly polished and put together look, despite being the simplest piece of clothing ever! Really, there is little to no thought needed to put one on in the morning and walk out the door. Perhaps that’s why I love them so much and always have at least 2 or 3 of them in my closet at any given moment. 

Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love
Step 1: Take shirt dress off of the hanger (or out of the clean clothes pile)

Step 2: Slip it over your head.

Step 3: Button up a few top buttons.

Step 4 (totally optional and dependant on laziness): Tie a belt around your waist.

Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love
DONE! See how easy that is? 

There’s something about how this style is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, and can also look a bit retro with a fit and flare silhouette, which I adore. They feel so carefree and casual while still having structure. The one thing about them though – my curvy girlfriends have a hard time making them work. This is one instance that makes me thankful for my small frame (hello, small boobs, sometimes you’re the best!). There’s no possible chance that my boobs would bust out of this style anytime soon.

Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love
Shirt Dress Style Inspiration | Dutchie Love
The other awesome thing about these dresses is that you can wear them with cute sneakers for a dressed down look, gladiator sandals for a bit of an edge, or pumps to make the look more dressy and feminine. I’ve also worn them with leggings for a lazy Saturday at home. There are so many options!

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One of my favourite places to find shirt dresses locally is Noul on Whyte Avenue. They are always very reasonably priced, and available in a multitude of fun yet neutral patterns. I’ve purchased a number of dresses from them! What do you think? Easy enough to pull off? What other easy and fast fashion tips have you discovered? Do tell! This girl loves her beauty sleep…

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